How to Secure your Warranty on Installed Solar Panels

Are your hopes for reducing electricity costs after installing solar panels becoming a nightmare? Are you still facing high electricity bills? Have your panels ever abruptly quit functioning, leaving you in the dark? Maybe you’ve had the thrilling experience of having to cope with annoying electrical issues? Or your inverter is not working as per your expectations? You are not alone in confronting these electrifying issues as a solar consumer.

Here are a Few common Problems faced by solar customers


Solar systems can suffer severe damage from those adorable little birds tweeting overhead. Under the panels, they may build nests that prevent the system from functioning properly.

Problems with inverters

Solar panels use an inverter to convert direct power from the sun to alternate current, which you now use in your home. An inverter is a box that is normally positioned on the second level. Most solar panels may last up to 20 years, but inverters aren’t as long-lasting. Solar customers complain their inverters need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years on average.

Electrical problems

Faulty wiring stops your solar panels from operating effectively. Loose connections, corrosion, and oxidation can all disrupt power output.


Micro-cracks are a typical problem with solar panels and can reduce the performance of your system. These are little fissures in the panel that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

PID Problem

The PID Effect Potential-induced deterioration (PID) is a prevalent problem with solar panels. It occurs when an electric charge accumulates on the surface of the panel, which can gradually damage the panel’s performance.

What solves this? How can you resolve it without having to pay too much? The simple answer is warranty.

Understanding Warranties for Solar Panels, inverters, and chargers.

Warranties for solar panels, inverters, and chargers are your insurance policy against the uncertainties of the renewable energy sector. Just as you wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, you shouldn’t enter the world of solar power without first comprehending these warranties.

  • Solar Panel Performance Warranty

The performance warranty ensures that your solar panels will last for at least 25 years. Typically, manufacturers show the panels will only lose 10% of their performance over the first decade, followed by another 10% loss over the next 15 years. This warranty structure is an industry standard that is supplied by most solar panel manufacturers.

  • Solar panel product warranty

The product guarantee protects against problems caused by defective materials or workmanship during the construction of the solar panels. It’s important to understand that the panel manufacturer rather than the solar installation firm provided this guarantee. It is critical to ensure that your panels come with a least 10-year product guarantee. This guarantee gives you the assurance that this product warranty will cover.

  • Inverter Warranty

The warranty for your inverter is likely the most important one in your solar system. This is because inverters, as the components subjected to high voltage and constant operation, are the most prone to failure. Inverters typically come with a 5-year guarantee, but ‌some manufacturers provide the opportunity to extend this coverage to 10 years, giving you extra peace of mind about the long-term functionality of your solar setup.


  • The Installation Warranty

The last piece of the warranty puzzle, the installation warranty, holds significant importance as well. It’s essential to thoroughly understand the potential charges you might incur in the event of a breakdown or system malfunction.

Common Warranty Problems

Guarantees of performance: Most solar panels have a performance guarantee that guarantees a specified amount of energy generation. When the panels underperform, this is a common problem. This can arise owing to a variety of circumstances, such as shade, grim accumulation, or even manufacture flaws.

Length of WarrantySolar panel warranty is often divided into two parts: a product warranty and a performance warranty. Product warranties can range from 10 to 25 years, while performance guarantees frequently guarantee at least 80% production capacity for the whole 25-year period. It is critical to grasp the terminologies and the various lengths.

Transferability of Warranty: If you sell your house or business, find out if the solar panel warranty is transferable to the new owner. Some manufacturers permit transfers but not by others.

Warranties can be voided if you use unauthorized installers or change the panels without the manufacturer’s agreement. Before making any adjustments, it is critical to employ qualified specialists for installation and seek instruction.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

Collect documentation: Begin by gathering any essential papers, such as the purchase agreement, installation records, and the manufacturer’s warranty certificate.

Please contact the manufacturer: Contact the customer care or warranty department of the solar panel manufacturer. They will walk you through the procedure and may ask you to produce proof of the problem.

Site Inspection: The manufacturer may arrange for a site inspection to analyze the situation in specific circumstances.

Repair or Replacement: If your claim is authorized, the manufacturer will determine whether to repair or replace the panels, based on the severity of the problem.

Follow-Up: Be diligent in following up with the manufacturer to verify that your case is moving as expected. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get updates.

Now, let's look at some practical suggestions for keeping your solar panel warranty intact.

Choose a Reputable company: When purchasing solar panels, go with a well-established and reputable company. AYKA Solar  is the most trusted Nation-wide solar company in Australia. It has brought smiles on the face of over 80,000 happy customers. Renowned companies are more likely to honor their warranties, giving you peace of mind.

Professional Installation is Important: Installation is a vital aspect in warranty coverage. Always hire certified and professional solar installers who adhere to industry best practices. A badly fitted system may void your warranty. 

Keep a record of everything: Keep meticulous records of your solar panel purchase, installation, and upkeep. If you ever need to file a solar panel warranty claim, this documentation will serve as proof.

Regular Maintenance: Solar panels, like any other technology, benefit from routine maintenance. Cleaning and examining them for damage might help prevent problems that could void your solar panel warranty.

Read the Small Print: Familiarize yourself with the warranty terms and conditions offered by the manufacturer of your solar panels. Note what is and isn’t covered.

Monitor System Performance: Most current solar systems have monitoring tools. Use these to monitor the performance of your panel and find any anomalies. Anomalies can be corrected quickly, preventing a drop in energy production.

Report Issues Right Away: If you detect any difficulties with your solar panels, notify your installer and it can be avoided if they are reported on time.

Don’t Try Do-It-Yourself Repairs: While being hands on is nice, making DIY repairs on your solar panels may violate the solar panel warranty. For any maintenance or repairs, always consult a professional.

Transferable Warranties: If you intend to sell your home, search for panels with transferable warranties. This can boost the value of your property.

Consider an Extended Warranty: Some manufacturers provide extended warranties at an additional cost. Consider whether this is a good long-term investment.


Securing your solar panel warranty is an important step toward protecting your investment and ensuring a green, sustainable future. You can extend the life of your solar panels while enjoying the financial and environmental benefits by selecting quality components, skilled installation, frequent maintenance, and diligent monitoring.In this journey you don’t have to be constantly worried about the maintenance cost or warranty issue, AYKA Solar is always there for its Solar family just a call away. So ‌harness the power of the sun, and let your solar panels shine for years to come.

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