How to Choose a Solar Panel Company for Commercial Installation

Choose a Solar Panel Company

How To Choose A Commercial Solar Panel Company?

Multiple finance options on solar purchases have gotten Aussie businesses looking at solar. But the rush to get solar energy systems installed before summer arrives may lead some businesses to choose a solar panel company that isn’t right for them. 

Our solar experts’ team has put together important issues to think about when choosing a commercial solar company. Find them below.

CEC Accreditation

Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar retailer ensures that you’re working with a company that operates in line with strict quality measures. These range from the quality of the solar panel installation to the length of the solar panel warranties provided.

Green Asset Financing

Large-scale solar energy systems could be an immediate cash-flow-positive investment. Businesses don’t need to fork out tens of thousands of dollars straight up, as long as the solar panel company they work with provides appealing asset multiple financing options with credible partners. Read more about solar financing for businesses here!

Needs and Feasibility Evaluation

A commercial solar installation is an effective way for businesses to cut back their electricity costs and carbon emissions significantly. However, every business and its properties are different. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Your commercial solar installer should be capable of studying your:

  • Business’s energy usage pattern and projections
  • Solar-friendly rooftop space.
  • Allocated budget for solar system purchase

With this, they’ll propose the optimum system size required for installation for your office, warehouse or other business property. 

Hands-On Inspection

Commercial solar installations are safe – if an experienced solar panel installer completes them. For large solar energy systems, you’re adding weight and a new electrical system on top of your property. So, to avoid any hazards or last-minute surprises– and to get the information required to design the correct solar layout – your solar panel installer should conduct its site inspection.

Customised Design

With solar, you’re installing your own power station on your property. So, you’ll need:

  • The best equipment (e.g., solar panels, solar inverters, cables).
  • Best possible solar panel while adhering to your budget.
  • Other solar equipments (e.g., racking system, panel tilts – if needed).

Your solar panel company should create a solar system design that displays how the project will look and function, along with a power generation estimate.

Commissioning and After-Sales Service

A reliable commercial solar installer won’t stop working until your new solar system is working at the correct capacity. They’ll also guarantee that all issues are solved and that all the documentation is in order. Make sure you have all the solar panel warranties in line, and the company you choose is around to answer for them.

For example, AYKA Solar provides swift commercial maintenance on solar panels and inverters. Our commercial services also include real-time generation data monitoring systems, which offer data feeds on your energy production.

Find an Industry Expert, not just a solar panel Company.

The easiest way to find out if a solar panel company is a right selection is by talking to them. Get in contact with them so you’ll be able to discuss the topics mentioned above. You’ll quickly figure out if a solar panel company is experienced and know their stuff. If you have questions about your proposition, you must connect to the solar experts from reliable solar installers and ask to discuss these elements of your solar system. When taking a look at your solar quotes, proposals, make sure to take a look at the equipment your system is designed with.

AYKA Solar is heavily experienced in commercial solar installation. To find how we can provide you with high-quality solar energy systems with high solar panel efficiency to reduce your energy bills, contact us today on 0409 707 707!

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