Why should you go solar in Australia in 2024?

Why Should You Go Solar In Australia In 2024?

How much are you willing to spare in the name of sustainability?

Solar in Australia has become a life-saviour to many Australians in their time of dire need. With the cost of electricity rocketing up the sky, sustainable sources are becoming more affordable day by day. Why not go sustainable and save a lot more from your pocket and the environment, than go with fossil fuel-based energy and cause more harm? Here are a few reasons why you should use solar.

Your investment in a good quality panel will give you better returns in a few years than a panel with inferior quality and less efficiency. Well, if you want to save more, then make sure to see and calculate meticulously how much you can save or consult an expert installer to do it for you. 

AYKA Solar provides you with a FREE consultation and excellent service. With a better warranty, you cannot say no to using solar! Do take advice from your friends or relatives who have solar system for their house or business. They will tell you that they can’t go without solar. It just saves you heaps of money throughout the year, and gives you peace of mind as you are getting closer to being carbon-neutral.

Let me help you in breaking down – Is investing in good quality solar going to save you money in 2024? 

How many kW panels do you need?

Every household requires energy throughout the day, and not just daytime. Doing a smart choice is trying to replace the overall energy consumption, thereby giving you better ROI (Return On Investment). A 5kW system saves around $200-250 for a quarter and generates around 20 kWh in a day. This is enough for you to depend only on solar energy. If you have more energy consumption then, you should go a little higher and invest in more solar panels.

Solar energy can be as cheap as 1 to 2 cents per kWh (in some states of Australia even lesser). On an average, the cost of grid electricity can cost you around 20-45 cents per kWh. Using the power only from the solar energy can cut your ties with the grid, i.e. go off-grid and eventually become self-sustainable by generating power with your solar panels and the sun.  

What if you cannot generate sufficient electricity with solar in Australia?

Trial and error could teach you if you are generating enough. If not, call up your local solar retailer, and they will calculate it for you. A piece of simple advice is to make sure you stay connected to the grid initially till you have stable solar energy production. 

Furthermore, you could keep some extra solar batteries and a solar inverter handy to store all the generated power for future use. It is always better to run your appliances, may it be household or industry, during the day.

Is Solar in Australia going to cost a fortune?

Even though panel prices are decreasing day by day, some people still want to buy affordable options. So, it is better to make use of solar rebates and solar loans. The cost-effectiveness of solar will make it more favourable to them. 

Also, there are huge rebates by the government for people fulfilling certain criteria. If you check your eligibility on the government website, maybe you could avail solar for very reasonable cost.

Is solar worth your money in 2024?

The answer is yes! Due to the exceeding cost price of electricity, solar is indeed the best possible action compared to all renewable energy. The ROI of solar panel investment in Australia is as little as 3-4 years. Even for a good quality solar panel system, you can always end up getting them at a discount. 

  • Scientists are experimenting and research in Solar Technology is adding more efficiency to the solar panels. 
  • Even with moderate sunlight, you can manage to generate enough energy for your home or business. In the near future, you could depend on renewable sources rather than non-renewable sources, making Australia a green energy country. 
  • Solar energy is one of the most sustainable and efficient forms of energy available. It is also becoming increasingly affordable, making it a great option for guys who want to be more sustainable. 
  • Solar energy can be used to power your home and even charge electric cars, making it a great long-term investment. 
  • Not only is solar good for the environment, but it is also reliable and efficient. This means that you can save money on your energy bills and do your part to protect the environment for future generations.

So if you’re looking for a way to be more sustainable, solar is the way to go! Take it from me… Solar power in Australia simply makes you more sustainable!! We burn coal to run our houses – but with solar we would use sun’s energy with zero emissions.

We can end up charging our cars beforehand as well – because if we don’t do this we are hurting the only atmosphere we have and that is not good for our children’s future. So make the switch today and go solar! You won’t regret it!


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