Top Questions About Solar Everyone Asks Us

Top Question And Answers About Solar

At AYKA Solar, we believe that educating our customers about the benefits of solar power is paramount to helping more Australians invest in renewable energy and our success as a business. That’s why we focus on educating our customers and help them understand how all our solar Sydney products will benefit you and the environment.

Here we have put together a few of our most asked questions. 

What is a solar system, and how does it work?

Your solar system Sydney works by converting light from the sun into energy you can use in your home or exporting it to the grid. Solar panels on your roof generate DC (Direct Current) Electricity. This is fed into an inverter that later on converts the DC electricity into 240-volt AC (Alternating Current) electricity, which your home appliances can then use.

What does a solar system consist of?

A typical solar system Sydney consists of the components like solar panels used to convert the sunlight into DC electricity and then pass on this electricity to the inverter. The inverter then converts the electricity produced by your panels from DC electricity to AC electricity, which is then used by your appliances. Mounting System, which is used to connect your system to your roof.

How can I decide the system size needed for my home?

You can derive the size of the system depending on several factors such as:

  • How many solar panels can be fitted on your roof?
  • Your budget
  • Your everyday energy consumption during daylight hours

We offer the best solar panels Sydney-wide. Our solar experts at AYKA Solar will help you determine the best size according to your needs.

Can a solar panel be installed on a flat roof?

Yes, you can have solar panels installed on the flat roof of your home or business. Flat roofs have a minimal slope allowance to accommodate solar PV panel systems. These flat roofs are also commonly known as Low pitch roofs. As you start to tilt the panels upwards, you begin to point them toward the sun; therefore, they “catch” more sun, improving the amount of energy produced. Our amazing installation team at AYKA Solar will make sure your solar system Sydney has been installed perfectly.

Does the condition of the panel (clean/dirty) affect output?

Well, let’s compare a solar panel with a car windscreen. If there is a build-up of dirt on the windscreen, the sunlight piercing through would be less invasive, and you would end up with a lack of visibility. So let us think about solar panels. Solar panels Sydney work by allowing light into the solar cell. The more light that hits the panels, the more it can generate—the less light absorbed by the solar panels, the lower the output.

So, keeping the solar panels clean/dirty will directly affect the energy production and hence their output.

What maintenance is recommended for solar panels?

Try keeping your solar panels out of shade as energy production becomes incompetent when kept from absorbing any sunlight. Always keep checking on the solar panels and be assured the inverters are flashing green lights. If they are not flashing, you are losing money by no longer compensating for your electricity use. Also, the best way to track whether your system requires maintenance or not is by installing a monitoring device. Monitoring systems can allow you to see real-time data of how much solar energy your system is generating. AYKA Solar also offer solar cleaning services to make it easy for you to maintain your solar panels Sydney.

Will I still be getting an electricity bill after the installation of a solar system?

Unfortunately, no. Even after installing a solar system, you will continue to receive a bill or statement from your utility company. This is because your solar panel’s energy will replace the energy consumption you would generally consume from the grid during the day. You will still have to pay for night-time power use. To reduce even this energy usage, consider a battery installation. This way, you can store your energy produced by the solar system Sydney and as well as save on energy bills. Suppose the energy you generated and sold back to the grid during the billing period is more than the electricity drawn from the grid. In that case, you may receive a credit balance on your bill.

Can I upgrade the system if my energy requirements increase?

Of course, whenever your energy requirements increase, you will need an upgrade to your system. You can add panels to the existing system and make sure a larger inverter has been installed earlier. If your requirement is a large system, then it won’t be supported by the current inverter. We can add an inverter next to the existing one. Our solar experts’ team will help you in every doubt you have during this process. 

How will I benefit the environment with my new solar system?

Investing in a solar system can be a great way to help the environment!

Producing energy via a solar system Sydney reduces the need to burn carbon-emitting fossil fuels such as coal and gas, helping to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.


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