When Should I Replace My Solar System With a New Solar System?

Replace My Solar System

When Do I Replace My Solar System?

Solar system are designed to be highly robust, and so they can tolerate any weather conditions for years. Yet over the course of a long time, they lose some efficiency.

How long can you count on solar panels to continue to perform efficiently? And when will you need to replace them?

Most Solar PV Panels Include 25-Year Performance Warranties.

Almost all well-established solar producers provide 25-year performance warranties for their solar panels.

The guarantee ensures that your solar energy system will maintain a solar panel output ranking around 83% for 25 years considering the annual degradation in solar panel output.

If in case you have a string inverter, you possibly can monitor your solar panel production online or right on your LCD screen. For solar systems with microinverters, the solar panel output could be seen on any internet-capable device.

If you notice a dip in your solar panel efficiency, the photovoltaic manufacturer will change the underperforming solar panel during the warranty period.

When to consider replacing your solar panels?

If, after 25 years, you discover that your energy bill is rising again, it could be as a result of your solar energy system just isn’t functioning effectively, you may have to spend money on new solar panels. 

Many solar companies provide apps or physical trackers that monitor your solar panel production monthly and even daily. Having a grasp of the everyday quantity of the solar panel output of your panels will allow you to notice if something is off. 

For instance, in case your solar panels generate 35 kWh of fresh electricity per week, and you discover that through the years, this reduces to 32 kWh, then 30 kWh – and there’s no visible debris or increase of shade cover over your roof – this may point out that your solar panels are starting to degrade. 

When your panels are not producing the quantity of electricity your own home needs, that is the correct time to replace them. 

What other solar system parts need to be changed?

All the components that make up a solar energy system, including the racking, solar batteries, and inverter, have a higher probability of breaking than the actual solar panels do. 

Changing the racking

Whenever you think of replacing your solar panels, you should change the racking system too. As over the years it starts raising fatigue issues. If you install solar panels on an old racking system, it may not be that strong to hold the solar panels again for the next few years. 

Changing the inverter

Solar inverter is the heart of a solar energy system as it does the main work of converting DC into AC. Solar inverters work continuously and sometimes in summer, excessive heating of components may reduce their lifespan. You may need to replace your solar inverter each 8-10 years. 

Changing your solar battery

Solar batteries, just like the Tesla Powerwall, are a non-compulsory addition to your solar system and are used to store extra solar energy. 

Solar batteries usually have 10-year warranties, which is across the time their efficiency begins to degrade. So, after ten years, you would possibly want to replace them to keep up peak performance. If you buy a battery, verify with your battery producer for their specific warranty. 

Do you have to replace your solar panels after 25 years?

Solar panel systems will maintain producing electricity even after the 25-year guarantee period if they’re correctly maintained. Nonetheless, it is important to notice that they won’t be as efficient at solar panel production as when they were first installed. 

So, you don’t need to replace your panels if:

  • Your solar panels produce sufficient energy for your electrical energy needs
  • If none of your solar panels are damaged

However, you do want to replace your panels if:

  • Your solar panel production is so less that they no longer satisfy your home’s energy requirements.
  • Your solar system was not correctly maintained and had many broken panels

Working with a reputable solar installer will go a long way in ensuring that your solar panels are top quality and will probably be covered under a guarantee. In the end, it’s rare for solar panels to “go bad,” and you should not have any concern relying on your solar panels for 25+ years. 

Tips for Boosting Your Solar Panels Lifespan

Solar panels, just like other household electronic appliances, will perform extra effectively for longer when you take correct care of them. Maintaining your solar energy system is simple.

You’ll have to check them for debris build-up now and then, and you might have to trim the trees and vegetation if any plants are shading the solar panels.

An occasional inspection of your PV system can also be a smart thought. If you discover any damage or deterioration of the panels or wiring elements, have them repaired promptly. Failing to deal with repairs may end up in faster degradation and lowered solar panel output.

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