How to find Australia’s Most Efficient Solar Panel System?

Most Efficient Solar Panel

What is the efficiency of a solar panel? Solar panel efficiency is the percentage of the amount of sunlight hitting the surface of a solar panel to the amount converted to electricity. It is indeed the number one factor that rules your solar panel. 

Without proper efficiency, your investment will be flushed down the drain. The process of choosing a panel is gruesome work, but analyzing its factors is indeed challenging. You should check out its performance, quality, durability, and efficiency. 

All these factors cannot be determined by you even before you install the panels. But, you could also get it checked with someone who is an expert in that field! An expert installer will know which is the most appropriate type of panel for your home or business, which will provide you with good returns and with maximum efficiency. 

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With the zeal to get it all clean, do not overdo the process. Since the exteriors are made of glass, it is best to leave the thorough cleaning to the professionals.

  • Overdoing could jeopardise the working of the solar system as a whole. 
  • Some locations might require more attention and cleaning other premises.
  • There could be nitrogen build-up on panels located on a farm, excess dust when placed near a construction site, etc.
  • Areas near the coastal region may require special care.

Why is the efficiency of solar panels so crucial?

The efficiency of the system differs with the type of material used for the solar panel, like pure silicon, amorphous silicon etc. Well, when I say that a panel has 15% efficiency, it means that, when the sunlight falls on the panel, 15% of it will be converted to electricity. 

The total panel area and the output power are also responsible for efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the better the output. The efficiency of the panel degrades slightly every year. This will result in less efficient panels in the upcoming years. 

In the initial years, the degrading of the panels is very insignificant but soon, you will require a panel repair or restoration. So, it is always best to look at the pattern of energy generated. 

You could even use a monitoring device or an application on your phone to see your energy generation pattern, which keeps a count of how much you produced as well as consumed. 

When you are investing for your future, you might as well keep tabs on your usage. This ensures your panel efficiency as time passes, helping you to make the switch or contact your solar retailer sooner to fix the issue. Monitoring will also help you in investing in batteries to save up the extra energy generated.

Advancement in technology has given us better panels

If you look back in time, it was not until the 1950s that solar cells were invented, but now scientists are finding ways to enhance the output value of the panel and trying to increase the efficiency of the panel. 

  • Scientists have developed profound solutions to every problem. From monocrystalline to thin-film solar panels and from the weight of the panel to its size, technology has only upgraded the system for the better. 
  • Investing in a low-quality and low-efficiency panel is a no-brainer. Even if you have to disburse a little excess, never compromise on grade. Panels with high efficiency would benefit you in the long run and help you achieve a higher Return On Investment or ROI. 
  • The vast availability of different brands offers various discounts and warranties. You get to choose between various brand options that fit your preferences.

Three Benefits of using high-efficiency solar panels

1. Better returns

With fewer high-efficiency solar panels, you can generate sufficient energy and also get returns on investment. When using a less efficient solar panel, you should invest more to get the same energy, thereby reducing the rate of returns.

2. Areas with less sunlight

Whenever investing in a solar panel in an area that receives little sunlight, it is advisable to use a panel with high efficiency so that the majority of the sunlight falling on the panel can be converted to useful electricity.

3. Degradation rate

Investing in a high-efficiency solar panel will enable you to have a lower degradation rate. This means that you get to enjoy the benefits of installing the panel with full effect for a longer period. Also, you take full advantage of the warranty that has been offered by the company for a prolonged period. 

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