3 Latest Solar Inverters in Australia

Solar Inverters In Australia

Choose the best for your home or business in SOLAR INVERTERS! Any job requires the right equipment. Choosing or finding the right tool could take your time initially, but in the long run, they will help you reach your goals and destination much quicker. Similarly, finding your perfect system is indeed a task.

How to find the perfect inverter for your home?

Before you pick one for your home or business, let us get to know about what are the types, how different are they from one another and their pros and cons. By the end of the article, you will be left with no more confusion. Instead, you will have a clear head as to which inverter will be most suitable for your solar panel.

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Basically, solar system inverters are devices that convert the direct current from the panels into alternating current. This is then used to power our appliances for household or commercial use. This is the sole reason why a solar panel inverter is the next most important thing after a solar panel in a solar photovoltaic system. 

3 latest types of solar inverters available in the market.

  • String (or central) inverters
  • Power optimizing inverters
  • Microinverters


1. String (or central) inverters:

These connect the strings of all the separate panels to a single inverter and then it converts them into Alternating Current.



Oldest type and most reliable

Less efficient at solar energy optimization

Least expensive

Monitors the whole system rather than a separate panel

Ground mount as easy to replace or repair

Shading of a panel will cut output of the entire string.

The efficiency of solar panels has increased dramatically in recent years, and that has led to a corresponding increase in the efficiency of string inverters. In fact, the efficiency of these are now so high that the gap between them and microinverters is closing rapidly. This means that if you have a non-shaded roof, you can get a premium string inverter for less money than you would pay for a microinverter. 

They are also extremely simple to install and maintain. Panel-level monitoring is not available, but a good installation will make sure that there will never be a problem with one of the panels. 

As a result, these are an increasingly attractive option for those looking to maximize the efficiency of their solar panels.

2. Power Optimiser inverters:

Power optimisers are available in the back of the panel and work as a junction for string inverters and then convert the DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current). In short, the power from panels goes through the power optimiser and then to the string inverter and then to give you usable AC.



Modern technology

More efficient at solar energy optimization

The shading of a panel will not affect output of whole string

Most expensive 

Panel level monitoring is available

Roof mounted and difficult to replace or repair

Due to the availability of panel-level monitoring and system-level monitoring will aid in solving the problems. They can be diagnosed more easily than the string or central inverters even though they are placed on the roof. 

Customers have a detail on the panels and are easy to monitor. In the future, if you install more panels, there are chances of additional requirements for power optimisers and string inverters.

3. Microinverters:

These devices are self-sufficient and do not require string inverters. These devices can directly convert DC to AC.



Self-sufficient and doesn’t require a string inverter

Efficient solar energy optimization

Shading of a panel will impact the output only a little bit while other panels work at optimum level

Most expensive than the previous two types

Panel level monitoring is available

Mounted at the back of each panel and difficult to replace or repair

The most beneficial part about microinverters is that they are not dependable on string inverters. Microinverters have an efficiency of slightly more than that of a string inverter. This is applicable to devices of the same size and they are also compatible with batteries and can be elevated or upgraded further by adding more panels on the basis of your needs.

Every situation is unique and requires fulfilling special criteria. If you are looking for the least expensive inverter for your panel, you can go ahead and buy the string inverters. They are placed on the ground, providing you with easy accessibility and thus easy to replace or repair. But if you have trouble with shading, then it is most beneficial to go with microinverters or power optimizing inverters. 

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