Solar panels efficiency, solar battery storage, and best Fit

Q&A on Solar panels efficiency, solar battery storage, and best FiT

Everything you need to know about solar! Crack your code for solar panels and how to maximise their efficiency. Learn how you can save some extra bucks with a feed-in tariff. 

We have heard your issues and your concerns and answered a few frequently asked questions.

Do we require battery storage for solar panels?

Buying a battery for your solar panel system was more of a luxury because of the soaring prices. Now, it has become more and more affordable to everyone with its ever-decreasing costs and exciting rebates. For people living in remote areas, solar batteries have been a blessing when it comes to solar panels. 

So, yes! We do require battery storage. It will help extend our energy consumption and decrease our reliance on the grid. You can always add more solar batteries as your consumption increases with time. With a solar battery, you can go for an off-grid solar or even opt for a hybrid solar grid connection.

How is efficiency related to solar power?

Solar power is more efficient with advancements in research and technology. Solar panels tend to have around 10-22% efficiency based on the material used for the panel. The efficiency of the solar panel that you have installed will play an important role in the overall installation process.

So, what does efficiency mean when you are buying a solar panel? If some amount of sunlight falls on the solar panel, then all the sunlight won’t be converted. If a panel has 20% efficiency, then 20% of the total sunlight falling on the panel will become usable electricity. I would like to put it this way: solar is efficient and makes us efficient in our power usage.

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Since we are responsible for our electricity consumption, we take note of how much we generate and how much we use. So this, in turn, is making us more efficient than when we use power provided by the electricity provider. We won’t tend to abuse power as such.

                                           Are your solar panels giving you enough energy? 

What are Feed-in tariffs?

Feed-in-tariff is a policy that promotes people to switch to renewable sources of energy like solar energy or wind energy etc. 

Well, this means that, when energy is generated using solar power, wind power or any other source of renewable energy and the energy is sent back to the grid, then the small-scale producers of such energy will receive money above the market price from your solar retailer

The feed-in tariff is more in some states and territories of Australia. If you end up generating much more than required by your solar panels, then you can store it in batteries for your future use. If not, you could always send the excess back to the grid to make excess cash. 

In some states, the price of the energy generated goes up during the wee hours of the night or peak hours during the day. You can keep a tab on that, and sell the excess electricity at that time to cash out more. You can ask your solar retailer about it or even do your research. 

                                             Are you getting the best Feed-in Tariff?

Unethical solar panel companies are taking benefits.

Even though it is the 21st century, the era of technology, inventions and the internet, we still tend to fall for corrupt companies and their marketing tactics. 

Also, we get to hear from citizens throughout the country who have had troubles with shady companies that either tend to provide cheap quality solar panels or other devices for the system, or they charge an insignificant amount for the feed-in tariffs.

  • The first best thing is to look up Clean Energy Council accreditation to know which company to trust. 
  • Make sure to also look into the costs of solar panels, the discounts you can receive, government schemes, and feed-in tariffs to ensure that they are fair to you and that you are getting the most from renewable resources. 
  • It is always better to get quotes from trusted installers. One such company is AYKA Solar, the most trusted and CEC-accredited solar retailer based in Australia, Sydney. 
  • With 5-star Google ratings, they are reliable and will assist you throughout your solar journey. 

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