Does Solar Increase Property Value?

Does Solar Increase Property Value?

Would an act like solar panel installation improve the value of the home? It’s indeed a most common query which has vexed many buyers or sellers in the real estate sector. After all, if you’re disbursing money on solar panels, you would want more than just a simple return on your investment.

The fortunate news is that, in most cases, solar installations will increase the value of your home.

  • A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homes with solar panels sold for an average of 4.1% more than comparable homes without solar panels in the United States.
  • case study on Southport in Queensland mentioned that solar homes have a 2.3-3.2% hike in prices when in comparison to regular homes.

That is, the house price premium concerning solar homes was much higher. This is solely due to the hike in the value of the solar installation.

Since the study is so narrow, applying to only a few homes, I wonder how much the value would increase in the whole country! So if you’re considering installing solar panels, there’s a good possibility that you’ll see a return on your investment. This is applicable even if you rent it, or plan on selling your abode.

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Value of home and Solar PV:

Solar panels are an excellent way to save money on your energy bill and make secure investments that have the best ROI (Return On Investment). They can also help to boost and improve the worth of your quarters. While the initial cost of installing solar panels can be pricey, the long-term savings on your power bill will more than makeup for it. Besides, solar panels can indeed help to increase the resale value of your home.

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The research study from showed that 85%, which is the vast majority of the population, determine the higher value in property with a rooftop solar.

Why is solar installation a necessity in the modern Australian household and does solar increase property value?

The prices of electricity and the cost of living have been increasing over the past few decades. There is an immense need for alternate sources of energy. Solar energy has been an excellent base to cut down the cost of living despite the installation cost being moderately high.

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Besides increasing the value of home, it is an excellent way to cut your dependence on carbon emitting sources like coal and fossil fuels. The Global pandemic in 2020 opened several eyes in every aspect of their life. With several adverse effects that our energy consumption and production had cost, we have realised how valuable renewable energy sources are.

Why do most people think that adding a solar panel will increase the value of home or your property? Does solar increase property value?

Real estate is indeed a very tricky area. A single instalment can make or break the value of the whole property. A lot of money goes into selling and buying a house, and it will be more beneficial if you know the art of investing right to increase the value of home.

Several characteristics determine the scalability of the cost of your premises. The place in which it is situated, the value of a home, and competition in the market. Solar system installation can increase the price while making it more attractive to buyers. Installing solar panels alone has increased the overall estimate of the value of your home.

Is it just solar panels that add to estimating the value of home?

A good level of maintenance is bound to increase the value of your home. Solar panel installation will only add more value making it better than before. A house is indeed a primary asset of an individual. It also consumes a lot of capital investment. So, it is more than appropriate to make sure to make the best out of your investment.

When we speak about solar panels increasing the value of the house, how much is a monetary gain or increase? Does solar increase property value to the maximum and is it worth the investment in the long run?

The cost of a solar system is dependent on the type of solar system you are opting for. Your energy consumption and how much you require also play a major role. Besides, several factors influence the usage of solar energy to add value to the home to make it efficient and worth it.

It is best to contact a nearby solar installer to get an estimate to get a clear picture of how much you can save by installing a solar panel. It holds the same when you are planning to rent or buy solar homes too! You also improve the energy profile of your home while maintaining the upfront cost to a minimum by using Government Schemes!

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