Tier 1 Solar Panels

What are Tier-1 Solar Panels Solar power is generally acknowledged as an easy as well as reliable method to reduce your CARBON DIOXIDE discharges while generating energy and also reduce electricity bills, power expenses; however, not all Tier-1 Solar Panels solar panel systems are equal. Some aren’t created to cope with Australia’s heat; others do […]

How to Secure your Warranty on Installed Solar Panels

Are your hopes for reducing electricity costs after installing solar panels becoming a nightmare? Are you still facing high electricity bills? Have your panels ever abruptly quit functioning, leaving you in the dark? Maybe you’ve had the thrilling experience of having to cope with annoying electrical issues? Or your inverter is not working as per […]

Why Solar Panel installation is best in Spring?

solar panel installation in springs

Spring has the highest production rate for energy, installing your solar system in the spring will help you offset high energy bills associated with increased air conditioner use, resulting in substantial savings. As solar systems become more popular, more states are reducing their solar incentives. Make the spring count by springing to the sun with […]

Q & A Related to Solar Panel

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions We tried to cover a few frequently asked questions about the solar panel installation. Here is the answer you were seeking. 1. How to decide if my solar panels are of better quality? The most prominent part about buying a solar panel is choosing the right one. We have to make […]

Solar Panel Efficiency v/s Solar Inverter Re-sizing

Solar Panel Efficiency vs Inverter Re Sizing The efficiency of the system is the key factor in ensuring the best use of your device. Whether it is your solar battery, solar panel, or solar inverter, each of them has its own efficiency rate. The efficiency of the inverter is totally dependent on the efficiency of the solar panel that has […]

How to find Australia’s Most Efficient Solar Panel System?

Most Efficient Solar Panel What is the efficiency of a solar panel? Solar panel efficiency is the percentage of the amount of sunlight hitting the surface of a solar panel to the amount converted to electricity. It is indeed the number one factor that rules your solar panel.  Without proper efficiency, your investment will be flushed down […]

Which Solar PV Panel System is the best? Solar Panels Types and efficiency

The power from the sun is one of the most efficient yet friendly sources of energy in the form of solar panels. Solar power is also the mass switch to a renewable version while it adds more benefits like environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and efficient and increases the value of the property.  When it comes down […]

Maximum solar panel efficiency with solar monitoring system

Solar Monitoring System What is Solar Monitoring?  The process of going solar isn’t completed when your solar panels are installed. AYKA Solar’s method of doing business means we’ll be there to help you along with your questions and ensure you have the flexibility to monitor your solar panel system all through its long lifespan. Solar monitoring system makes […]


Cost Of Intsalling Solar panels

What Is The Cost Of Installing Solar Panels? Are you thinking of installing solar panels but looking for a definitive answer about solar panel installation cost? AYKA Solar has broken down the factors that affect your cost of solar panel installation, so you can get a rough estimate of how much it costs to install solar in 2024. […]

Do solar panels on home make a big difference in energy bills?

Solar Panels on Home

Did solar panels on home will make a big difference in energy bills? Yes, solar panels on home will make a big difference in energy bills. You will still receive an electric bill whenever you install solar panels. Notably, the bill might not ask you to pay something and should merely indicate how your utilization was […]