$3500 Solar Battery Rebates for $2950 from JULY 1

Solar Battery Rebates

Only a few days remain until there is an implementation of the huge dip in solar battery rebates. The price will be going down from $3,500 to $2,950 from Friday, July 1st 2024. This is indeed a huge reduction in prices for solar battery rebates for Victoria. 

Tighten your shoes and hurry up to buy a solar battery now. Before that, make sure you are making the right choice by picking the right battery and the right installer in Australia.

Loss or pass with Victorian Solar Battery Rebate

With the solar rebate in Victoria, you had an opportunity to avail a maximum of $3500 and by July the battery rebate amount will be dropping to a maximum of $2950. The Victorian government has already stated that there will be an expected dip in the price of solar battery rebates. Even though the dip in the prices of the rebate was anticipated, the battery manufacturers were left with slight astonishment. 

Every battery system is unique and profound to every single household. Make sure to check out which solar battery system is typically useful for your home and your business.

Solar Victoria is always being generous to Victorians and always made sure that everyone got the benefit of their rebates, schemes and solar homes plan. Concerning this, solar Victoria has stated that they will be increasing the number of Total Solar rebates. Thus, the Victorian government has thought to add 1700 solar battery rebates from 1 July 2024. The total solar battery rebate is decreasing day by day. 

Currently, it stands at 2480. Check out NOW!

Are you eligible for a Solar Battery Rebate?

The eligibility criteria for the solar battery rebates are extremely simple, as the Government compels Victorians to move forward toward a cleaner and greener Australia. With additional rebates, you are not only saving the lot, but also you will be the master switch to hold a cheap version of energy in Victoria. 

Let me jog your memory about the criteria for making the rebates available for your home or business.  

  • It is necessary to have a solar panel that is almost or above 5 KW. 
  • It is also necessary to have the solar battery installed along with the solar panel system. 
  • If you have previously applied for the solar homes program and received the rebate, then unfortunately you will not be able to apply for another debate. But, there have been some major changes in the eligibility criteria of the Solar Homes Program

I urge you to check them out instead of missing out on the additional rebates that the government is providing.

Quotations available on the website will be expiring by the end of June, specifically on June 30th. The updated quotes concerning the new rebate value will be uploaded thereafter.

Perfect fit for your home

With the deadlines being nearer and nearer, do not make the mistake of buying something which is not a perfect fit for your home. Ask the experts first and then make a decision. It is like trying to fit a piece of a puzzle in the wrong spot and hoping that it will work perfectly fine. No, it will not, and it will not just make things difficult for you but also for everything around it. 

Yes, the time is running, but it is also a necessity when it comes to investing and spending on the right installer. 

Solar Battery Rebate and benefit of best Installers

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It is indeed a pain to know that the value of the solar battery rebate is decreasing by July 1st. But, there is a sigh of relief and good news for the Victorians. The value of the Solar Panel rebates will not be decreasing any sooner. You have a huge opportunity open in the Solar Panel rebate sector where you can avail up to $1400 worth of state subsidy. 

With a lot of scheduled and non-scheduled blackouts and load shedding in Australia, I prefer you sort out and join your hands with renewability. Make your one-time investment with AYKA Solar.

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