Victorian Solar homes can get 0-Interest loans and New rebates

The Victorian government had come up with some excellent news for the Victorian Households. There was an extension and expansion in the eligibility of the Victorian solar homes program back in May. A new increase in eligibility standards will now allow new-build homes to qualify for a solar PV rebate. With this change, the program will be available to roughly 40,000 new homes built in Victoria every year. 

In addition to making solar more affordable, extending eligibility will encourage more homeowners to install solar panels on their roofs. By 2050, Australia will reach net zero emissions.

Find out how to get an interest-free loan of $1400 for solar panel installation.

The Victorian Government Victorian Solar Homes program

The Victorian government always makes sure that they are helping Victorians in multiple ways. It may be by taking initiatives to help in reducing energy bills, building a cleaner and more sustainable environment and also in battling the climatic changes.

Victorian Solar Homes Program - A Birds-Eye View

It is a smart initiative in which you are entitled to receive a rebate on solar panel PV systems and solar hot water systems. This is exclusive of whether it is a new one or an existing old system.

Several changes have been added to the Victorian solar program. The Victorian solar homes program is a 1.3 billion dollar program.

  • According to the Solar program, Victorians have the eligibility to attain rebates. It is concerned with the installation of sustainable products solar PV and Solar water systems.
  • Since it is a rebate, Victorians can claim them only once. You can avail of up to $2400 in rebate for merely installing a solar system. 
  • Under this scheme, you can avail yourself of a solar rebate of about $1400 for new homes. 
  • Are you a homeowner building a house on your land?  Eligible houses under the title of an interest-free loan can get $1400 for solar panel installation.
  • Besides this, you can get yourself a deduction of $3800 in the upfront cost.

It’s an exciting opportunity to get a deduction in installation costs on solar batteries and Solar PV in the form of rebates.

Lily D’Ambrosio, the state energy minister mentioned that expanding Solar Homes to new builds will control the pressure on households. Soaring energy prices will aid the Victorians to save thousands on electricity expenses.

Besides, it’s a smooth way to also aid in cutting 50 per cent of emissions by 2030. The CEO of Solar Victoria, Stan Krpan said that it’s an easier and safer option, a new change for residents in the name of switching to solar with a motive for a clean energy lifestyle.

Here Are The Highlights:

  • Over 190,000 Victorians have already applied and availed the rebate and can now apply again for an additional $1000. 
  • This extra $1000 is given to those who have already benefited from a solar panel rebate and are installing a solar hot water system.
  • To make the Victorian solar homes program more versatile, the Victorian government made the basic information available in multiple languages. With a vision that is available for each and everyone for a better understanding.
  • If you visit the Victorian government website you can avail information running much deeper. To get elaborated information about all types of rebates and promotional resources for rental, business, and homes, visit the Solar Homes Website.
  • Solar Panel rebate, solar batteries rebate, solar hot water debate, solar community housing, solar for the business program and several other programs are included under the Victorian Solar homes program. 
  • The government aims to make sure that the Victorian solar homes program will enable a grip on carbon emissions and cut it down to 4 million tons. 
  • By 2025, domestic solar is anticipated to yield 12.5% of Victoria’s renewable energy target of 40%.
  • Under the Victorian solar homes program, the solar for the business program has been a major game-changer. It is providing up to an $8500 deduction during the solar system installation in the upfront cost. 
  • The rebates are based on the number of employees. For a 50 employees business, you could avail yourself up to $3500 as a rebate. This number was reinstated to 20 employees.
  • Under the Victorian solar homes program for business, even businesses can avail of up to $1000- $5000. This is a loan amount under the zero-interest loan. This enables businesses to procure loans to cut the initial cost of solar panel installation. It is included under the new eligibility criteria.

Victorian Government And Their Long-Term Goals

  • The Victorian solar homes program is a great initiative. It also throws some light on how concerned the Victorian governments are about the changes in the environment. They aim in building stable biodiversity with lesser carbon emissions and promoting more sustainable resources. 

    The Victorian solar homes program is a direct representation of the Victorian government’s concern. They have provided almost 200,000 businesses, homeowners and renters with rebate programs for the installation of solar PV systems, solar batteries and solar hot water systems and making a lot of broken dreams come true. It is a direct investment from the Victorian Government worth $380 million.


Victorian Solar Farms


S. No.




Gannawarra Solar Farm



Bannerton Solar Farm



Women Solar Farm



Karadoc Solar Farm



Numurkha Solar Farm


At present, Victoria has 5 solar farms which are more than sufficient to power up several homes abundantly. Newly-built homes in Victoria can flourish with the new addition of solar farms in Victoria. A locally – built energy production to secure the Victorian energy game.

Under the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF), a 110kW/284 kWh Yarra Community Battery started its renewable journey by charging with solar energy. It is led by the non-profit YEF which distributes the excess solar energy to 200 houses in the subnetwork. The Yarra community battery is a community-scale battery and also the first of a series.

Solar batteries come in handy when switching to solar for their vast storage capacity.

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Solar Homes Are Sustainable Future Homes

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