Solar power cell, Grid connection and Electric Cars Made Easy!

Solar power cell, Grid connection and Electric Cars Made Easy!

Your hand guide to solar power cells, grid connection and solar-powered electric cars.

Solar Power Cells – their role in solar-powered equipment.

Solar is a broad topic and instead of going deeper into the topic, let us brush through solar power for a clear understanding.

Let’s start from the basics! The blue or black coloured squares or rectangles that are seen in a panel are solar cells. They are usually made of silicon or a compound of silicon or silicon in an amorphous state. Depending on the type of silicon and how it is used, the type of solar panel will differ. The silicon wafers are thinly sliced and then topped with glass or metal. This is called a solar cell.

Solar cells are arranged to form a circuit which is then used to convert sunlight into usable energy. The process of how a solar cell works is uncomplicated. When sunlight falls on them, the electrons start moving in the cell. The movement of electrons generates current inside the cell.

For easy understanding, remember that sunlight is converted into DC or Direct Current in the solar panel using the solar cell. Many solar cells are connected in certain patterns to form strings. Since the DC cannot be used directly, an inverter is used to change the DC to AC or Alternating Current.

Read more about the multiple types of solar panels and their varied functions. 

No matter the different types of solar cells available in the solar industry, the sole purpose of their existence is to convert sunlight to electricity. The difference between them is their efficiency, cost and functionality.

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Solar power and connection to the grid. How will it benefit you?

Connecting your solar power to the grid has more than just one benefit.

  • The first and most important benefit is how much you can save when you are connected to the grip without using extra pieces of equipment.
  • The second benefit is that the cost of energy produced from solar is far less than the cost of energy bought from the grid.

solar panel system has at least 20-25 years of life, or sometimes even more. This makes the solar system’s cost to be insignificant in the long run when it produces its energy.

The cost of energy from the grid has been increasing tremendously over the last few years, and the cost of solar panels is lesser each year. If you think about the next 20-25 years, you will only benefit from installing a solar panel system much sooner.

Electric car and solar power – How to charge and use.

Electric car industries have been booming for the past 2 years. In 2020, over 50% more sales were recorded than in 2019. Well, despite the rise in electric cars, the cost of electricity has reached the sky. The need to charge the electric vehicle has led the consumer to ask, “can you run your electric automobile using solar power?”

Yes! You can efficiently charge your car using solar power. You don’t have to install solar panels on the roof of your car. 

A decent size solar system can generate enough electricity to run your home and charge electric cars saving you tons of money. Just imagine getting rid of the weekly fuel costs. Working from home has added another benefit: your cars can be charged at home and ready for daily and weekend drives.

In an emergency, you can charge instantly with the use of the grid. In the long run, be sure to monitor your energy generation using an app, and then you can quickly charge your electric car using solar power.

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